We require artwork as a print ready PDF with crop marks and bleed. If you are unable to provide this we can generally help create this for you at an additional cost to your printing. Please enquire if you are needing this service and we can provide an estimate for you.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to provide us with your finished artwork. Please follow the below instructions and look at the attached examples. If you are still unable to create your artwork please contact us and we will decide if we need to charge for our time to complete.

1. Decide on the finished size of your product (A4, DL etc)

2. Create a document in your design programme that is 5mm larger at every edge than the finish size of your product. (A4: finish size is 210x297mm so make document 220x307mm)

3. Start designing, anything that needs to print right to the edge must fill the entire page, not just the finished page size. If you have a background it must fill the entire 220x307mm page.

4. Please keep any items you don't want to get trimmed off at least 3mm inside the finish size, so 8mm inside the document size. We will trim to the finish size, anything between the finish size and the document size will get trimmed off. The machines can move and therefore the safe zone is 3-5mm inside the finish size.

5. Convert/Save your document to pdf, make the pdf size 5mm each edge bigger than the entire document, add crop marks and bleed.

6. Send the document to us.

Please note if you are creating books you need to supply one PDF file with (page 1- whatever) all as single spreads with each page having bleed and crop marks.

Click here to view the Pdf artwork examples

Please contact us for more information.